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Mackinac Savings Bank is a federally chartered, well capitalized savings bank specializing in residential lending in Florida , the Midwest and N.E.  and providing community banking services in Palm Beach County , Florida .

As a bank lending its own funds Mackinac makes common sense loans that may not fit conventional property or credit guidelines. As a mortgage banker representing a large number of private institutional and government investors, Mackinac can offer the best of their interest rates available for a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional loan plans.

 Mackinac tries very hard to provide outstanding customer service. We really enjoy helping our customers.

 Mackinac companies have been providing lending, banking and related services for over 40 years.

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       Mackinac Savings Bank

           280 N Congress Ave

       38345 W 10 Mile Rd., Suite 100

           Boynton Beach , FL 33426

       Farmington Hills , MI   48335

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